Record number pullers compete during Kilgore Homecoming

Kilgore - Bud Mercer
DYNAMIC DUO. Bud Mercer of Bloomingdale takes a turn pulling his Farmall 560 in the 8,500 lb. class Saturday night. Mercer was being coached by his dog, Buzz, who attended the homecoming with Mercer.


Over 200 tractors hooked to the sled during the two days of tractor pulls held at the annual Kilgore Homecoming held Aug. 7 and 8. The 5,500 pound class had a record 52 tractors entered in the Friday night class which resulted in a long night of dead weight pulling under the lights. The announcer’s booth was moved to the side of the fire station leaving additional room al


ong the pulling track to line the participants. Winners from the two nights of pulls included: 4,500 lb. class: Jimmy McIntire first out of 37 pullers with a full pull; Bob Kelly, second, 15 ft., 2 in.; and Mike McIntire, third, 8 ft., 2 in. 5,500 lb. class: Jason McIntire, first out of 52 pullers with 5 ft., 10 in.; Chris Palmer, second, 4 ft., 5 in.; and Brennen Moore, third, 2 ft., 8 in. 6,500 lb. class: Brandie Jo Tinlin, first out of 31 pullers with 12 ft., 7 in.; Joe Gallon, second, 8 ft., 3 in.; and Jesse Manbeck, third, 5 ft. 7,500 lb. class: Gallon, first out of 19 pullers, with 5 ft., 11 in.; Clay Smith, second, 4 ft., 2 in., both round four; and Rex Magee, third, 10 ft., round three. 8,500 lb. cl

ass: Steve Vosi, first out of 16 pullers, 15 ft., 3 in.; Magee, second, 14 ft., 10 in.; and Kim Bick, third, 11 ft., 5 in. 10,500 lb. class: Todd Evertt, first out of 23 tractors with 16 ft.; Stanley Miller, second, 15 ft., 4 in.; and Vosi, third, 12 ft., 3 in. 12,500 lb. class: Miller, first out of 20 tractors, full pull; Everett, second, 21 ft., 9 in.; and Kyle Davis, third, 18 ft., 8 in. 14,500 lb. class: Vosi, first out of 14 tractors, full pull; Palmer, second, 14 ft., 7 in.; and Rodney Moore, third, 11 ft. 7 in. Along with games, food and the annual chicken bbq, a parade was held Saturday evening. The winners included: Best Engine 750 GPM and over: Fox Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept. (VFD). Best Appearing Brush Truck: Bergholz VFD. Best Appearing Rescue Truck: Scio VFD. Best Children’s Unit: Daniel Wood. Best Marching Unit: Carroll County Warriorettes. Judge’s Choice: Kilgore United Methodist Church.