Search begins for new county health commissioner

By Nancy Schaar
FPS Correspondent


The Carroll County Board of Health began the process to hire a new health commissioner during a special meeting last Wednesday.

The meeting was called to accept the resignation of Health Commissioner Leann Cline and “discuss the status of the health department.”

Cline resigned March 10, according to Dr. Scott Stine, Health Board president.

A lengthy discussion was held debating the options of hiring a part or full time administrator, or hiring a full or part time health commissioner as well as a part time interim health commissioner or administrator.

“In the last three days, we’ve learned the department is not able to function without someone in a supervisory role,” said Stine, noting he can sign off on necessary documents since it is an emergency.

Board member Sean Speedy asked about the possibility of covering the position with two people: an administrator and a health commissioner.

Stine said they would need a job description for the health commissioner.  He noted just because they post openings for both positions, they would not have to hire two people for both.

Speedy suggested they find a person to serve as interim commissioner and then pursue finding either/or a health commissioner or administrator.

Several board members said they would like to hire the part-time interim commissioner at the March 22 regular meeting of the board. Director of Environmental Health Scott Lenigan and Director of Community Health Promotion and Planning Amy Campbell agreed to have a job description for a temporary office administrator ready for the March 22 meeting.

They board agreed to pay the interim health commissioner $25 per hour.  The hours will be for a minimum of two hours per week and a maximum of six hours per week.  The employee will be expected to work for an hour or so every day to take care of immediate needs for signatures on documents that flow through the department.

According to the Carroll County Auditor’s office, Cline was paid $24.27 per hour.  In 2017, pay for the year was $50,424.81.

The board unanimously agreed to hire Corrine Ren as vital statistics registrar, a position held by Cline since January.  Ren has served as deputy registrar for seven years.

Following a 15-minute executive session to discuss compensation, the board agreed to pay Ren an additional $1 per hour. Her pay will now be $14.75 per hour.

The board also, reluctantly, accepted the resignation of Director of Nursing Julia Keeder following a 40-minute executive session. The resignation was effective March 16.

A posting for the position will be done the same as for the full or part time administrator and the full or part time health commissioner.

The board also met in executive session for about 35 minutes to discuss personnel, namely the position of the fiscal officer and the human resource officer, according to Stine.

Hether Hawk was included in the session.  Hawk was hired in December as the part time administrative clerical specialist. Hawk has frequently been referred to as the fiscal officer in the last couple of months by board members and the administration.

Upon reconvening, no action was taken.

At the last regular meeting, Hawk suggested she be made a full time employee instead of the 28-hour part time position she was hired to fill in December.

Prior to the meeting Stine and Speedy met with employees of the health department.