Sherrodsville farm becomes member of Ohio’s Historic Family Farms

The Gartrell McCarty family farm joined the ranks of Ohio’s Historic Family Farms as a sesquicentennial farm.
Family members shown above are (from left): Teri and Barry McCarty and Austin, Becky (McCarty) and Jerod Giauque.

Carroll County’s list of Ohio Historic Family Farms grew by one member recently.

The Gartrell McCarty family of Sherrodsville joined the ranks as a sesquicentennial member during a ceremony at the Carroll County Fair.

Patricia Oyer, county recorder, presented the family with a certificate on behalf of Ohio Department of Agriculture Director David Daniels.

The farm was established in 1850 in Orange Twp. Over 110 of the original 131 acres remain on the farm as well as most of the original house and barn structures and the smokehouse.

Barry McCarty, who accepted the certificate, said the farmland has supported generational farming for over 167 years, including his grandfather’s dairy farm. “I remember them bottling milk that was sold and delivered in Sherrodsville,” he said.

Crops raised on the land include wheat, oats, corn and hay.

Many years ago, the family discovered a coalmine on the property. They began mining to heat the farm house and selling it to the locals for the same purpose. Several mine shafts remain on the property today, one of which led to Sherrodsville.

Barry raised beef cattle on the farm for many years. Today he continues to enjoy recreational farming with his grandson, Austin. They have a herd of goats and miniature horse and, occasionally, a few other animals they purchase at livestock sales.

The Ohio Historic Family Farm program offers three levels of recognition: Century (100-149 years), Sesquicentennial (150-199 years) and Bicentennial (200 years and over).

For information, contact Oyer at the county Recorder’s office at 330-627-4545.