SOLD; Buyer announces plans to turn Atwood Lodge into a world class drug and alcohol treatment center


By Nancy Schaar

FPS Correspondent


Carroll County Commissioners are no longer in the hotel business.

William “Billy” Burns of the Youngstown area signed the final paperwork Jan. 27 to transfer ownership.

Billy Burns Atwood purchase
William “Billy” Burns outlines plans for Atwood Lodge during a press conference Friday in Carrollton. (FPS/Carol McIntire)

Burns purchased the property Aug. 10, 2016, for $1.1 million at public auction. Kiko Auctioneers handled the sale. The property includes the resort, Par 3 golf course, the former ski chalet and about 75 acres.

“I will develop the facilities into a world class drug and alcohol treatment center. We are extremely appreciative to the commissioners for giving us the time necessary to finalize our business plan. We expect to make the Atwood Lodge into a facility dedicated to helping people who are unfortunately afflicted with alcohol, drug addiction and prescription drug addiction,” said Burns.

Burns is an engineer from Youngstown who worked at Colfor Manufacturing facilities at Malvern and Minerva.

“I’ve never stayed at the lodge but many friends and family members have. It will be a world class facility,” continued Burns.

“The opoiod problem that is plaguing the State of Ohio is catastrophic. Friends I went to high school with have passed away because of their struggles with addiction. They were not able to get the help they needed,” said Burns.

Reading from a prepared statement, he said the scenic surroundings and peaceful nature of the facility alone is a therapeutic experience.

“It is a great day for Carroll County,” stated Commissioner President Jeff Ohler.

Ohler said when commissioners were given the lodge property in 2012 (by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District), it was not their intention to be involved in private enterprise.

“We will provide whatever assistance is needed to support Mr. Burns. Our next major focus will be the Northern Corridor Water and Sewer Project,” said Ohler. The money received from the sale of the lodge ($995,547.80) will be placed in the water and sewer project fund. Ohler said with an additional $2.6 million from a proposed grant, the county will have 66% of the funds needed for the project.

“We hope to get this project started in the next six to nine months,” added Ohler.

“There were many people in the public confused by the extensions and how long this process was taking. All who had fingerprints in the project worked very hard. We had the best interests of the county at heart,” said Commissioner Bob Wirkner.

“As a newly elected county commissioner, I didn’t have much to do with this process. But I commend Jeff Ohler, Bob Wirkner, and former county commissioner Tom White for all their hard work to bring this to fruition,” stated Commissioner Lewis Mickley.

Commissioners said they will assist with security and maintenance costs through the end of January.

When asked when Burns will receive keys to the property, Ohler said he could have them “as soon as he drives to the lodge to get them.”

Burns was asked what physical changes he planned to make to the facility and he said he plans to keep it as it is. “It is beautiful. And it doesn’t need much,” he said.

“So far I have received nothing but positive feedback from the community. And it will be an economic benefit as well with the number of employees we will hire for the facility,” stated Burns.

Burns filed the deed for the purchase of the Atwood property Jan. 27. He then transferred the property to WEB Property Group, LLC of 7041 Truckworld Blvd, Hubbard, OH.

The WEB Property Group was formed Jan. 25, 2017. The nam listed as agent for the corporation is William E. Burns. It is described as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC).

On the receipt issued by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is listed the name of Edward John Yasechko, also of Hubbard. Yashechko attended the meeting on Jan. 27 when Burns issued a statement regarding the property, but made no comment.

At the end of the four-page document, Williams Burns has signed as the agent of authority along with the Tewel Corporation.

The Tewel Corporation was established in 1996. Larry G. Dietz is listed as the agent. His address is listed as 7041 T. W. Blvd, Hubbard, Ohio. It was established as a foreign license.