Steeple to Street


I John 4

Test the moral and spiritual implications of any new idea. Does it agree with Scripture? Will it make me more like Christ?

Because God is the source of all real love, everyone who is like Him has a spirit of love.


The quality of Love (4:19) We love Him because He first loved us.

The Source of Love

God personified love (4:8, 16)

God Loved us (4:19)

God gave His son for us (4:9, 10)

Christ laid down His life (3:16).


The Effects of Love

We reflect God’s love world (4:7)

We love God, our fear is gone,

We keep his commands (4:18, 5:31)

We give for others ((3:17, 4:11)

We lay down our lives (3:16).


Intimate acquaintance with Him will produce love.

The Spirit impresses upon us an inward awareness and assures that God accepts us as His children.


Pastor Grace Baughmen

Carrollton Nazarene Church