Suspect charged in Jonathan Minard’s death

The Carroll County Grand Jury met today, Wednesday, Sept. 4. Three cases were presented. The last case of the day, a secret indictment, resulted in 15 indictments against Matthew Little.
Little was arrested quietly at his home at 3 p.m.
The 15 counts charged against Little are:
Involuntary manslaughter F1 3 counts
Corruption of another with drugs F2
Involuntary manslaughter F3
Permitted drug abuse F5
Endangering of a child F3
Permitting drug abuse M1
Reckless homicide F3
Tampering with evidence F3
Corruption of another with drugs F4
Possession of Heroin F5
Gross abuse of a corpse F5
Falsification M1
Failure to report a death M4
“Our detectives have been working since day one. We’ve worked with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the FBI. This case had certain things that were evident and things that were not evident. This sheriff and everyone else wanted the person or persons responsible for the death of Jonathan Minard to be brought to justice. He is in custody. He is in jail. We will proceed with diligence with this case,” said Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams.