Trailer park H20 break not village’s responsibility

By Nancy Schaar
FPS Correspondent


MALVERN – Village administrator Marcus Benson informed council during the Aug. 6 meeting a break occurred in the Citrus Road trailer park water lines due to vandalism.

Benson noted the break was not in the line owned by the village. The village service department was called in the middle of the night to turn off the water to all homes in the park.

“We received many calls from park residents wanting to know why they did not have any water,” he said. The village did not receive the call to turn the water back on until about 3:30 p.m. the next day.

The problem was with the trailer park water lines and not the responsibility of the village.

Council met in executive session for about 10 minutes to discuss the employment of a public official or employee. After returning to regular session, council agreed to hire Marcus Benson to serve as village administrator for 10 to 20 hours per week but with no benefits. The village will begin advertising for a new administrator. Benson resigned in July after being hired as street superintendent for the village of Carrollton.

In an unrelated matter, a Malvern resident visited council seeking assistance regarding a vicious dog. The resident said when walking past a home on Porter street with a therapy dog, the vicious dog attempted to bite the therapy dog.

Richard Wackerly said he tried talking to the dog’s owner but he seemed belligerent and wanted to start an altercation.

Wackerly contacted the dog warden but was told that he needs to know what ordinances are on the books regarding vicious dogs. When the warden asked Wackerly if he walked his dog in the park, the warden said he was violating the law too. The mean dog’s owner did not have a license for the dog, according to Wackerly.

Malvern Park is clearly marked that dogs are not permitted in any area of the park at any time. Council members agreed there are dogs in the park all the time and people don’t pick up after them.

Wackerly is concerned because children walking to school will have to go by the house with the vicious dog. The dog is not kept on a leash and there is a very low fence along the front yard.

Mayor Bob DeLong said he would check to see what ordinances exist and said maybe they will need to update them.