Trial underway in Common Pleas Court


A Carroll County petit jury of seven women and one man is deciding the ownership of a “Disputed Road” in Fox Twp.

The jury trial, which got underway Monday in Carroll County Common Pleas Court, involves a complaint filed Jan. 25, 2016, by the State of Ohio and Robert D. Eish of 10258 Olive Rd. NE, Salineville, vs. the Fox Twp. Board of Trustees, who include Tim N. Dayton, Todd E. Brown and Ryan Roberts.

Also named as defendants are John A. Stephenson of 9072 Salineville Rd. NE, Salineville, Charles W. Madison of 3 Cleveland Ave., Salineville, and William G. Beadnell of 10084 Olive Rd. NE, Salineville.

Eish is seeking a declaratory judgment that Fox Twp. has no interest in the disputed road, of which he claims ownership.

Following selection of jury Monday, Eish was the first witness called to offer testimony before the jury.

According to records in the Carroll County Clerk of Courts office, a total of nine witnesses are subpoenaed for the plaintiff and 12 for the defendants. The three-day trial is scheduled to extend through this Wednesday and possibly Friday if needed.