Two political newcomers elected to county offices


CARROLLTON – Carroll County Commissioner Robert “Bob” Wirkner and Sheriff Dale Williams won re-election to their positions by large margins at the Nov. 8 general election.

Voters elected Steven Barnett prosecuting attorney and favored Lewis Mickley over incumbent Commissioner Tom White.

Bob Wirkner
Dale Williams
Lewis Mickley
Steven Barnett

Unofficial results show Wirkner, a Republican, earned a second term in office by defeating his challenger, Democrat Ben Reece, by more than 4,000 votes. Wirkner received 8,130 votes to Reece’s 4,090 for the Jan. 2 term.

“No one has ever single-handedly won an election,” said Wirkner following the release of the results. “A candidate needs the sacrifices of family, commitment of friends and the goodwill of the people. I continue to be blessed with the support of Carroll County for the Jan. 2 term of county commissioner. Thank you for allowing me to continue serving and representing you.”

Williams, a Democrat, was re-elected to a fourth term by defeating Republican challenger Shane Steele by a margin of 8,134 to 4,628 votes.

“I want to thank the people for their support and putting their trust in me,” said Williams. “We’re going to work hard over the next four years making Carroll County a safe place to live like I have for the last 12 years. Thank you to the people who asked for signs and helped put up signs and for all the encouraging comments.”

Barnett, a Republican and a newcomer to the political scene, defeated his challenger, Democrat Kathleen Allmon Stoneman, also a political newcomer, by a 6,915 to 5,511 margin.

“I am surely humbled and honored to be elected by the people of Carroll County,” said Barnett from his home late Tuesday evening. “I can’t thank everyone who helped me enough. There is a lot of work to do and I am looking forward to the next four years.”

Lewis Mickley, a Republican who was seeking office for the first time, defeated incumbent Democrat Tom White by a 6,826 to 5,264 margin for the Jan. 3 term. White was appointed to the seat in 2014 when Tom Wheaton resigned.

“I’d like to thank everyone who voted, my family, and most importantly, God,” said Mickley. “I look forward to serving as your county commissioner and appreciate all the support I received from the voters of Carroll County.”

County candidates who were unopposed in bids to retain their seats received the following unofficial complimentary votes:

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas – William “Bill” Wohlwend, 8.946

County Recorder – Patricia Oyer, 10,473

County Treasurer – Jeff Yeager, 10,719

County Engineer – Brian Wise, 10,154

Coroner – Mandal Haas, 10,614.

In the race for U.S. Congress from the 6th District, Carroll County voters favored incumbent Republican Bill Johnson over his Democrat challenger, Michael Lorentz by a 8,867 to 3,329 count.

County voters favored Republican incumbent Andy Thompson over his Democrat challenger Ginny Favede for the 95th Ohio House District seat by a margin of 8,042 to 4,132.

In the race for the 30th District state senate seat, county voters choose Republican political newcomer Frank Hoagland over incumbent Democrat Lou Gentile by a 7,550 to 4,626 margin.


The unofficial county vote for other races on the ballot is as follows:

President – Hillary Clinton, 3,124; Richard Duncan, 85; Gary Johnson, 444; Jill Stein, 87; Donald Trump, 9,067.

U.S. Senator – Tom Connors, 356; Joseph R. DeMare, 200; Rob Portman, 8,872; Scott Rupert, 318; and Ted Strickland, 2,798.

State Board of Education (8th District) – Vickie Briercheck, 773; Craig Brown, 3,042; Nancy Hollister, 3,084; Debbie Phillips, 1,882; Kathleen Purdy, 1,661.

Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court – Maureen O’Connor, 9,015.

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court – Pat Fischer, 4,979; John P. O’Donnell, 5,196.

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court – Pat DeWine, 6,554; Cynthia Rice, 3,983.

Judge of the Seventh District Court of Appeals – Gene Donofrio, 8,329.