Tyler Dodd wins pure stock compact event

By Carol McIntire


Tyler Dodds stands on the hood of car #34, the vehicle he drove to a victory in the Pure Stock Compact demolition derby class.

Several of the demolition derby fans who filled the grandstand Sunday evening to watch the closing event of the 2018 Carroll County Fair felt Derby Dog Productions might have saved the best for last.

The final event of the night was the pure stock compact event, which included Tyler Dodd of Carrollton.

The heat started with nine competitors and quickly dwindled to five as drivers broke off a stick attached to the driver’s side windshield panel, which signaled they were no longer in the competition.

Dodd was one of the remaining drivers, who smashed their vehicles into each other until, in some cases, the wheels broke and the trunk became so smashed down the vehicle could not move in reverse. When the smoke and dust cleared only Dodd and Stephen Donley remained. Dodd aggressively pounded the #72 car of Donley until it would no longer move and was declared the winner.

Derby Dog officials provided the following results (car number listed first):


Pro Stock Full-Size

  1. #643, Lenny Lewis
  2. #2R, Mike Difrischia
  3. #22, Steve Schupp


Five Foot Full-Size

  1. #412, Kevin Cronin
  2. #86, Brian Shuman
  3. #C4, Dustin Camp


Pro Modified Full-Size

  1. #6x, Brandon Kelley
  2. #62, Joe Thomas

#714, Kevin Elrod


Pro Modified Compacts

  1. #755, Eric Bennett
  2. #55, Derrick Martin
  3. #019, Eric Cunningham (Maddog)


Stock Mini-Van/Truck/SUV

  1. #22x, Cory Viers
  2. #615, Andy Larkins
  3. #J-1, Jayson DiLoreto


Pure Stock Compacts

  1. #34, Tyler Dodd
  2. #72, Stephen Donley
  3. #70, Teddy Boitnott


Mild Weld Full-Size

  1. #498, Donald Fankhauser
  2. #69 Jr, Justin Montgomery
  3. #007, Taylor Mazzoleni.