Vibrant colored entries fill fair flower show tables


Rummell Girls Flower show RBGThe saying “April showers bring May flowers” could be changed to “June and July showers bring big, colorful fair flowers.” A selection of large cut flowers in a wide variety of colors received awards at the flower shows Tuesday and Friday at the Carroll County Fair. Louis Beucler received Best of Show Tuesday in the cut division with a large Dahlia, one bloom. Tammy Booth won the Sweepstakes award. In the design division, Karen Moore won Best of Show and Emily Fogle received the Sweepstakes award. The Friday flower show also had numerous vibrant colored flowers. Margie Champer won Best of Show with her Resurrection Lily. Beucler received the Sweepstakes award. Beucler has a large flower garden at his home where he begins flowers from seedlings. Numerous Irises, Gladiolus, Dahlias, Lupine and other perennials along with annuals fill the flowerbeds. Tuesday Flower Show results are not available due to a Senior Fairboard computer issue. Results f


rom Friday’s show are: HORTICULTURAL DIVISION ROSES Minature Rose – Felice Dunn of 8220 Cologne Rd., Bowerston, first. Any Other – Dunn, first. CUT FLOWERS ANNUALS African or Giant Marigold – Bill Kincaid of 1234 Avalon Rd., Carrollton, first. French or Dwarf Marigold – Margie Champer, 1556 Canton Rd., Carrollton, first. Nasturtiums – Champer, first; Louis Beucler of Carrollton, second. Snapdragons (1 spike) – Carla Rinehart, 1046 Alamo Rd., Carrollton, first. Cleosne (Spider plant) – Beucler, first. Petunia (single) – Rinehart, first. Pansies (three blooms) – Rinehart, first. Cosmos (three blooms) – Beucler, first; Champer, second. Celosia Coxcomb Plumed – Champer, first. Celosia Coxcomb Crested – Kincaid, first; Champer, second. Large Zinnia, Beucler, first; Kincaid, second. Small Zinnia – Beucler, first; Champer, second, Rinehart, third. Sunflower Large – Beucler, first. Sunflower Small – Champer, first; Beucler, second; Kincaid, third. Geranium – Rinehart, first. Any Other Flower Not Listed (annuals) – Beucler, first; Julie Adams, 27 N. Ohio St., Dellroy, second; Champer, third. PERENNIALS Lupine – Beucler, first; Champer, second. Coral Bells – Rinehart, first. Daisy Shasta – Dunn, first. Daisy Rudabeckia – Champer, second. Yarrow – Champer, first; Kincaid, second and third. Hydrangea Small – Kincaid, second. Any Other Not Listed – Dunn, first; Champer, second and third; Adams, Honorable Mention. BULBS AND TUBEROUS Day Lily (any color, one stem) – Tammy Booth, 6090 Germano Rd., Carrollton, first; Beucler, second and third. Day Lily (Tiger Lily) – Champer, first and second. Day Lily (any other color) – Champer, first. Gladiolus – Beucler, first; Rinehart, second; Beucler, third and Honorable Mention. Cannas – Beucler, first. Dahlia Large – Beucler, first, second and third. Dahlia Small – Beucler, first; Beucler and Rinehart, tie second; Beucler, third. Begonia – Rinehart, first and second. Sweepstakes – Beucler, Dahlia Small. Best of Show – Champer. DESIGN DIVISION A Weekend at the Lodge – Champer, first. A Cozy Night in Front of the Campfire – Moore, first; Champer, second. Starry, Starry Night – Moore, first; Champer, second; Dunn, third. Family Time – Rinehart, f


irst; Moore, second. Grandma’s Kitchen Garden – Michelle Barnowski, 10026 Brass Rd., Magnolia, first; Champer, second. Let’s Celebrate – Moore, first; Champer, second. Hello Sunshine – Moore, first; Rinehart, second. Fireworks – Moore, first; Champer, second; Rinehart, third. A Walk Thru the Meadow – Moore, first; Champer, second. Summertime Blues – Champer, first; Rinehart, second; Moore, third. Sweepstakes – Moore. Best of Show – Rinehart (Family Time).